Youth Workshops

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Solaria's workshops focus on bringing creativity and imagination to those wanting to explore the world of moss and preserved plants. Supplies include a 1 foot by 1 foot wooden frame, a variety of mosses and several natural items to create with such as drift woof, river rocks and faux succulents. Let's start designing and get those creative juices flowing!

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Horticultural Therapy

Community Garden
Woman in Wheelchair in Greenhouse

Once used to help treat hospitalized war veterans in the 1950's, horticultural therapy has grown in popularity and is now a common practice in many communities. Solaria works with marginalized groups, specifically the elderly and individuals with various abilities in Nelson and surrounding area. Through a variety of plant-based activities, sessions are aimed towards awakening the mind and body through techniques that will lower stress, improve concentration and enhance one's overall well being.  

Sara is a certified Master Organic Gardener (yes, that's actually a thing!) and is passionate about teaching others how the use of organic, everyday materials can help gardens and house plants thrive naturally.

*Click on Solaria's CONTACT page to inquire about or make a booking!