Munch n'


Eat, Drink & Be Planty

What exactly is it ?

It's what you get when you pair a delicious charcutier platter, your plant crew, and a variety of greenery together for an incredibly entertaining time! Get creative with moss art while devouring tasty delicacies.

How Much Does It Cost ?

Prices are $40 Per Person.

Cost includes 1moss frame, a choice of a variety of mosses and natural items, all supplies, tutorial with examples and a mouthwatering tapas platter.

(*minimum 3 people)

How Do I Book ?

Shoot us a message below! Tell us how many people you’d like to bring, where you’d like to host, and some dates/times. Munch n' Moss usually take 2 hours.

How is Payment made ?

E-transfer, credit card or cash. 

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