Painted Leaves




My three loves in life have always been travelling, acquiring unique art, and the sights and sounds found only in a lush jungle. With the pandemic putting a halt to all three, it was time to get creative. The results transpired in the form of a charming mobile jungle. From tropical plants, cacti and quirky planters to eye-catching art pieces, Solaria provides a memorable experience for all those who step inside.

May to September you can find Solaria at your local markets throughout the Kootenays.

Come inside and explore this jungle on wheels!   



on Instagram to find out where she'll be planted this season!

More than just a mobile jungle...

Does your office or commercial space need some leafy love? Let Solaria create, design and turn your space into a professional looking jungle. Our natural wall art can transform your space and draw customers in unlike anything else. Book a free consultation today!    


Wild Walls

Munch n' Moss

Not your average Tupperware party!

Solaria's Munch n' Moss offers entertaining get togethers that will have you creating your own beautiful works of art. As you create, snack on a delicious charcuterie platter with your plant crew. Whether you're a first-timer or veteran green thumb, you will be inspired to transform your space into something beautiful.  

munch n moss.png

Workshops & Horticultural Therapy

Solaria jumps at any opportunity to get involved in the community through youth moss art workshops & horticultural therapy sessions, which work with marginalized groups. It's no secret that plants provide huge benefits for our mental health, which deteriorates as we get older. Solaria's horticultural therapy sessions work with elderly care facilities and individuals with various abilities that focus on plant-based activities that serve therapeutic goals and engage those with mental health and/or physical struggles. 




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